Crosvm is a device model based on Rust language. Chrome OS uses Crosvm along with KVM to provide virtualization solution.

ACRN-DM is a device model based on C language, which is part of ACRN project. ACRN-DM along with ACRN hypervisor provides a flexible, lightweight reference virtualization solution for embedded development.

Device ACRN Crosvm ID In virtio spec Frontend Upstream Description
virtio-block Y Y 2 Yes Basic read/write block device.
virtio-net Y Y 1 Yes Device to interface the host and guest networks.
virtio-rng Y Y 4 Yes Entropy source used to seed guest OS’s entropy pool.
virtio-vsock N Y 19 Yes Enabled VSOCKs for host/guest communication.
virtio-wayland N Y N No (Chrome OS kernel) Allowed guest to use host Wayland socket.
virtio-balloon N Y 5 Yes Dynamic guest RAM allocation.
virtio-9p N Y 9 Yes Sharing host files with the guest as network filesystem.
virtio-gpu N Y 16 Yes A display virtualization solution.
virtio-tpm N Y N No (Chrome OS kernel) Trusted Platform Module.
virtio-fs N Y 26 Yes (merged in v5.4) Sharing host files with the guest as local filesystem.
virtio-pmem N Y 27 Yes A fake persistent memory(nvdimm) in guest which allows to bypass the guest page cache.
virtio-input Y Y 18 Yes Input device.
virtio-console Y N 3 Yes Console over virtio transport.
virtio-audio Y N 25 No (acrn-kernel) Audio device.
virtio-gpio Y N N No (acrn-kernel) gpio sharing over virtio.
virtio-i2c Y N N No (acrn-kernel) i2c devices.
virito-rpmb Y N 28 No (acrn-kernel) Replay Protected Memory Block.
virtio-mei Y N N No (acrn-kernel) Intel Management Engine Interface.
virtio-ipu Y N N No (acrn-kernel) Imaging Processing Unit.
virtio-hyperdma Y N N No (acrn-kernel) Hyper DMA buffer.
virtio-hdpc Y N N No High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.
virtio-coreu Y N N No PAVP ( Protected Audio Video Path) session management.